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We care for you, and the environment

We are a Hawkes Bay Family, My Husband and I have 3 Amazing kids. But with kids comes challenges…

I (Meegs, the Mumma) started making products for my family because my Twin boys share my skin condition, Keratosis Pilaris; Meaning very plainly -dry skin. I tried diet changes and all the skin lotions you could buy. But nothing worked, within my budget. So I set of on a venture to start searching for old fashion skin care remedies. Surprisingly one day stumbled across my grandmothers Herbal Remedies book, passed down from LONG ago. I started reading and loving the Herbs and tincture, tonics… it made me feel a little like a witch hehe. I spent a few years studying, and now have devised a mix between the old and new. My family and friends LOVE my products, and the Boys and my skin has NEVER looked and felt better!

We are also very environmentally conscience, and try and be thoughtful of all the disposable products we use, minimising the plastics in our home, and products… therefore our products are created and stored in environmentally friendly, recyclable/reusable and or compostable packaging.






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    Megan Symon

    Creator and Director of DrEdful

    Megan Symon
    Senior Dredful Leader
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