Hi, This is us….

Some people think I’m a wee bit of a hippy, (my family & friends tell me all the time haha) I kinda like that.. I feel being a ‘Hippy’ means I’m a free spirit! which makes me highly qualified to raise a bunch of Free Range Children, and being a ‘hippy’ helps me create free thinking, free living individuals.. and boy are they!!!

Making these amazing Products in bulk has been our mission for the last year, I hope they will find their new homes soon. We all love them and have faith you will too.

I’ve made sure to make all the products like they did 100 years ago, Basic and simple… before all the nasty chemicals were added to our products… supposedly to extend shelf life, preserve, or just to make it look or feel prettier. We prefer the old fashion smells and feels from the old school vibes.

We have spent every spare minute we have as a family making, creating, and sharing ideas for this amazing venture.


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